Journey to India

SAVE upto 35%. India is a country of infinite cultural and physical variety and diversity. It is fascinating with its ancient and complex culture and dazzling contrasts and breathtaking physical beauty providing myriad incredible experiences. It has the Majestic Taj, one of the few wonders of the wo See more details

Journey to Tibet

SAVE upto 25%. "Roof of the World" a priceless journey to the mystic land. Journey to Tibet is filled with exotic lamaseries, authentic monasteries, Potala Palace,numerous sacred mountains, fascinating culture, friendly people, and much more. You will treasure this spiritual journey in your entire l See more details

Journey to Bhutan

SAVE 20% Book with Local Expert. The beauty power of this mythical kingdom touches hearts and is more impressive when explored around. Whether you take a night tour around the tiny valley or take an eight day trip within the capital and country side, the views, terraces, villages and experience of l See more details

Journey to China

SAVE upto 30%. China, representing one of the earliest civiliazations in the world, has a recorded history of about 4000years. One of its greatest treasures is incredibly long and splendidly rich history with amazingly diverse topography and varied climate remained always appealing to adventurous See more details

Journey to Nepal

SAVE Upto 40%. The grandeur of Nepal remains undefined through the ages. Yet many attempt a definition, as a land of thrilling adventures, enticing natural beauty and unrivalled cultural diversity. The most extremely varied landscape and the amazingly ideal geographical location of this Himalayan Pa See more details

Two Center Trips

   There is more to the diversity of Asia than just one country. Amazingly, this is a continent with innumerable cultures, customs, creed and landscapes and visiting all of them is sheer thrill, a food to all the senses and a bold sink into new experiences. Our combination trips are to pro See more details
  • Trip Name
  • Date
  • Departure Date
  • Price
  • No. Pax
  • China Yangtse Cruise Tours  16 Days
  • 10/15/14
  • 10/31/14
  • US $ 3175
  • 6
  • Nepal India 13 Days
  • 10/19/14
  • 11/03/14
  • US $ 1800
  • 11
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Affordable Trekking, Tour, and Peak Climbing Packages in Nepal, Tibet ,Bhutan, Tibet and China

Specialized in operation Kailash Mansarovar Tours for almost 15 years : Our 14 Days Kailash Travel Package includes: 4 Star/Guest houses, 4WD Latest Model Toyota Jeep, all meals, g
Starting Price : $2350/-
Return Flight Ticket :$1750/-
Regional Flights Price : None
Travel Insurance : $250+
11 Days Kailash Mansarovar Tour Package by Helicopter includes : Heli cost, all meals, 4 Star hotel in Kathmandu and best available guest house in Tibet and overland transfer.
Starting Price : $3450/-
Return Flight Ticket :$1750/-
Regional Flights Price : None
Travel Insurance : $250+
16 Days Kailash Mansarovar Pilgrimage tour includes:(Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner) Overland transfer, 4 star hotels/Guest houses, guide and kitchen team, medical equiptments.
Starting Price : $2690/-
Return Flight Ticket :1750/-
Regional Flights Price : $439/-
Travel Insurance : $250+
Nepal Tibet combination tour has been one of the best trip in every travelers mind and heart. This is one the most exclusive trip which often operated in the period from April to
Starting Price : $1750/-
Return Flight Ticket :1775$/-
Regional Flights Price : N/A
Travel Insurance : $250+
13 Days Nepal Travel Package is one to the best package that you could take among the Nepal Tour Services. History, cultural, and natural beauties is what this trip has to offer.
Starting Price : $1630/-
Return Flight Ticket :$1750/-
Regional Flights Price : $105
Travel Insurance : 250$ +
India Nepal luxury travel package offers the ultimate luxury experience with sparkling five star hotels are comparable with the world standard. India Nepal tour package is the bes
Starting Price : 2550$/-
Return Flight Ticket :1775$/-
Regional Flights Price : 475$/-
Travel Insurance : 250$ +
Great Himalayas of Nepal and the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan both share the similar geographic and climatic conditions. We have created three great options...
Starting Price : 3825$/-
Return Flight Ticket :1775$/-
Regional Flights Price : 450$/-
Travel Insurance : 250$/-
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